Dental fillings are used to restore structure and regain function of the original tooth. These fillings are placed to repair teeth with cavities or also to replace aged, inadequate fillings. The tooth colored fillings placed in our office – called composite resins – will blend with the surrounding tooth and virtually disappear.

How are dental fillings positioned in my mouth?Layer 1

After a thorough preparation, Dr Meyer then places the filling into your mouth in a layered fashion. The composites are then hardened using a specialized light. Once the resin has hardened, Dr Meyer will begin shaping the filing to a custom size that matches your teeth. Finally, a polish is added to reduce wear and tear on the resin and also to ensure that is shines!

How much does this cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing for composite fillings. Fortunately, most major dental insurances cover at least a portion of the cost.

What are the pros of dental fillings?

Visual appeal is one of the primary benefits of fillings, since Dr Meyer can blend several shades together that results in a color almost identical to that of your actual tooth. These fillings bond to your tooth and act as a support structure, which helps insulate and protect your tooth.